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Cybercrime is no joke. Every year, millions of people have their credentials stolen(Opens in a new tab) online, but there may be something you can do about it. Cybersecurity tools are readily accessible and not too expensive if you know where to look. If you want to get proactive about your security online, then you may want to check out these six deals that could help you protect your data and take more control of your experience online. 

VPNs can help you hide from prying eyes online(Opens in a new tab), and Ivacy lets you do that across 10 devices. If you’re traveling, skip the geographical restrictions and access your favorite websites with impunity. Ivacy won the 2019 BestVPN award, and you can get it for life for $59.99 (reg. $2,338). 

Lock your data behind a borderline-unbreakable 256-bit encryption(Opens in a new tab) by using SlickVPN. This secure VPN has servers in over 45 countries and 125 gateways, plus the strict no-logging policy means even your VPN won’t keep track of what you’re doing. Use any type of smart device and enjoy a safer connection online with a VPN that’s only $19.99 (reg. $1,200).

Explore the internet without intrusive ads on every sidebar and video. VPNSecure has a free bundled ad blocker, so you can get a smoother browsing experience on five devices at a time. VPNSecure has a no-log policy(Opens in a new tab), as well as Full Stack support for a smooth internet connection. Enjoy some anonymity online while protecting against hackers and cyber-threats when you get this VPN subscription for $39.99 (reg. $1,194).

With so much cybercrime, there’s a small chance your credentials or personal information may have been compromised online. Whether you’re looking out for your business or yourself, you may be able to monitor the dark web for any sign of your compromised data(Opens in a new tab). This subscription lets you monitor all your email addresses, one domain, and three usernames, phone numbers, iP addresses, and personal emails. Being proactive about potentially compromised information may save you a headache down the road, and it’s only $49 (reg. $1,342) for a lifetime subscription.

Netflix has been cracking down(Opens in a new tab) on account-sharing, and it’s not a big fan of VPNs either, but Windscribe is one of the few that can still let you access Netflix(Opens in a new tab) from anywhere in the world. This advanced VPN(Opens in a new tab) can spoof your location and even your clock so your computer appears to be in the destination of the server you need to access. You can also enjoy the extra security of a firewall, secure hotspot, and flexible connectivity points. There’s a limited free plan if you want to try some of the basic features, or you can get a three-year subscription on sale for $69 (reg. $207).

If you suspect your internet provider is throttling your bandwidth, this VPN may help you get around it and enjoy a faster connection. This VPN is torrent-friendly(Opens in a new tab) and has a built-in kill switch to prevent DNS leaks. HideAway won’t track any of your information online, and a lifetime subscription is only $49.99 (reg. $199).

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