Rihanna Super Bowl halftime show setlist: 8 songs Rihanna should perform

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While I don’t think Rihanna will be debuting any new music during her Super Bowl halftime show, the performance itself feels significant. Her attention since releasing 2016’s “ANTI” has been focused on her brands Fenty Beauty and Savage x Fenty. It’s safe to assume we’ll see her decked out in her own designs during her halftime performance, but the focus will be back on the music that first made her a star more than 17 years ago.

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To create the performance setlist, Rihanna recently said(Opens in a new tab) her biggest challenge was “deciding how to maximize 13 minutes but also celebrate [my music.] That’s what this show is going to be: a celebration of my catalogue.” Music director Adam Blackstone told Good Morning America(Opens in a new tab) that Ri wanted the show to “be epic.” He also called Rihanna’s incredible discography a “gift and a curse,” and I know what he means because putting together this setlist was challenging. She has so many hits that narrowing down a handful of them is tough, As a Navy, my dream halftime performance looks like this:

Intro Mashup: “Pon de Replay,” “Don’t Stop the Music,” “Rude Boy,” “S&M, “Diamond,” and “This is What You Came For”

Rihanna fans know what a star she is, but the intro needs to remind the general public (a.k.a. football fans) that she’s an icon. To set the scene and hype up the crowd before she hops on stage, a minute-long mashup of hits and viral soundbites from her 18-year-career — 2005’s “Pon de Replay” (her debut single), 2007’s “Don’t Stop the Music,” 2009’s “Rude Boy” and 2010’s “S&M” — should play, spliced with sound clips from 2012’s “Diamond” and 2016’s “This is What You Came For” (I’d add 2015’s “Bitch Better Have My Money” but don’t think it would pass the Super Bowl’s family-friendly filter).

Rihanna performed a medley in a similar style at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards and killed it, so I know she’s capable of a stellar mashup. In 60 seconds, the crowd will not only be primed for the performance but impressed by Rihanna prolific hit-making.

“Only Girl (In the World)”

This 2010 banger is quintessential RiRi: sexy, bold, and party-ready (though it is missing her signature Barbadian twist). This crowd pleaser is a perfect opener because it’ll have millennial women in their feelings, dudes fist-pumping, and boomers grooving along, reminiscing about singing along to it on a 2010’s car radio station.

“What’s My Name” and “Work” feat. Drake (or A$AP Rocky)

Ex and collaborator Drake should pop up at some point, having featured on two of Rihanna’s biggest hits. The duo’s chemistry is unbeatable and past stages, like this sultry BRIT Awards performance of “Work,”(Opens in a new tab) prove that their on-stage synergy is Super Bowl stadium-sized. We’d me remiss not to note that Rihanna’s happily in a relationship with A$AP Rocky now, so maybe he’ll be the one to make a cameo instead.

Piano Medley: “California King Bed,” “Stay,” and “Love on the Brain”

Accompanying herself on a see-through acrylic piano so haters can see that, yes, she is playing it herself, Rihanna will let her raw vocals shine in this interlude. My ideal medley starts with the criminally underrated “California King Bed” and transitions into her hits “Stay” and “Love on the Brain,” though I know how unlikely it is that we’ll be hearing anything about California at this Arizona-based event. Remember Rihanna’s 2016 “Love on the Brain era” when she performed in gowns? I’m hoping she brings that energy to this part of the show and drapes an enormous train over the piano bench.

“Umbrella” feat. Jay-Z

Rihanna has to do “Umbrella,” and it must include rain. To open the stage, a hooded figure will appear. A familiar voice booms “Super Bowl 57!” and, guess what, it’s Jay-Z in a black and gold rain jacket. He does his opening verse and when he asks “Little Miss Sunshine, Rihanna where you at?” the camera cuts to RiRi, floating in the air via umbrella, Mary Poppins-style. She lands and performs as Jay-Z just sort of hangs out beside her and ad libs (at this point, I’m not really thinking about him anymore). She waves good bye to Jay and steps to the center of the stage to sing the bridge. When she says “gonna let the rain pour, I’ll be all you need and more,” the waterworks commence. Rihanna completes the song with a two dozen dancers performing choreo that includes wet hair tosses.

Finale: “We Found Love”

“We Found Love” is a perfect finale song for a Super Bowl Sunday because it hits all the right notes. It’s bright and exuberant, with a killer beat drop and chorus that’s about 90% instrumental. It’s gonna leave people happy. and because RiRi doesn’t have to sing too much during the chorus, she can dance, splash in the water, and spin around on stage as colorful fireworks explode behind her. A fitting ending to what we can expect to be one of the greatest Super Bowl halftime shows of all time.

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