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TL;DR: The 2023 Premium C Programming Developer Bundle(Opens in a new tab) is on sale for £33.06, saving you 97% on list price.

Hoping to land a new job in 2023? If you’re feeling underwhelmed by the prospective gigs in your current field, it might be time to switch careers. and if you want to develop employable and potentially super lucrative skills, look no further than learning how to code. 

Though coding sounds intimidating, it’s a skill set that doesn’t require a return to the classroom. In fact, if you’ve been looking for an accessible starting point to learn coding that works with your current busy schedule, the 2023 Premium C Programming Developer Bundle(Opens in a new tab) is a great choice. You’ll receive eight courses packed with over 80 hours of instruction, and for a limited time, it can all be yours for just £33.06.

These courses offer you the chance to learn on your own time, on your own schedule. They’re all taught by Packt Publishing, a company that has been providing IT professionals with effective learning and information services for years, so you’ll be in good hands. 

Start things off with Complete Modern C++, a course that explores this wildly popular programming language and teaches the more modern features. Despite having a focus on the modern, this class also gives you a background in the old C++ concepts, so you don’t need to have any prior knowledge.

After that, expand on your knowledge with more specialized courses like Creational Design Patterns in Modern C++. By the end of that course, you’ll be writing Object-Oriented Embedded-C Applications yourself. You can continue your education until you get to an advanced course like Expert C++, which will get you up to date on C++’s latest features, while teaching you to create your own custom templates. 

Give yourself the gift of knowledge (and potentially a brand-new career) with the 2023 Premium C Programming Developer Bundle(Opens in a new tab), available now for £33.06.

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