‘Horizon: Call of the Mountain’ PSVR2 trailer: A spectacular dive into the ‘Horizon’ world

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The idea of losing one’s self in the Horizon world in VR is the stuff of dreams, exploring those stunning, wild landscapes and hoping a killer machine isn’t lurking in the grassland. Now, Horizon: Call of the Mountain, the new PlayStation VR2 game set in the same world, will let you do just that.

In the new trailer out today, you’ll get a peek at the VR game — in which you play a disgraced Shadow Carja solider called Ryas — yes, you’ll also meet Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West protagonist Aloy in your travels, she’s in the trailer. Ryas needs to solve the mystery of why the machines are attacking to earn his freedom, which will involve seriously impressive-looking battle sequences. and as far as game mechanics go, you’ll be able to use your own bow, careen down flying foxes, and grapple up mountains all in VR.

Horizon Call of the Mountain will be released on Feb. 22, 2023 only on PSVR2 via PS5, which lands the same day. They’ll be available through PlayStation Direct — and here’s how to preorder one.

Meanwhile, not sure whether to go with a PSVR2 or a Meta Quest 2? We put both of them to the test.

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