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TL;DR: As of Feb. 11, the CircuitMess AI Bundle(Opens in a new tab) — which includes the Handheld Virtual Pet and Voice Assistant — is on sale for $209.99 instead of $239.99. That’s 12% in savings.

For kids, fun is also a chance to learn. If you want to encourage your child to be curious, creative, and analytical, STEM toys may be an exciting and educational way to start them on that path. The CircuitMess AI Bundle features an advanced AI assistant named Spencer and a virtual pet similar to a Tamagotchi called CircuitPet. Both could get your child excited about technology, coding(Opens in a new tab), and the hardware skills required to make these exciting toys. Normally, these two DIY STEM and AI kits would cost $239, but you can get them for $209.99. 

A STEM and AI kit to help your child learn 

Between Spencer and CircuitPet, there are a lot of fun and educational(Opens in a new tab) things your child can do. Spencer is a DIY voice assistant that kids can code themselves. The coding is all done in C++ and CircuitBlocks. Instructions are included, but it may be helpful if your child is learning alongside someone who has some knowledge of coding. 

Spencer has a sleek red design and 144 LEDs that can display data, icons, animations, and scrolling text. Spencer can also tell jokes, sing a song, set alarms, and make pop culture references. 

AI has been turning heads lately, but can ChatGPT make itself look like a duck? CircuitPet is an educational AI pet that may help your child learn about microcomputers, LCD displays, and more. Using C++, your child could program their pet and develop basic robotics skills. Plus, there are some exciting games CircuitPet can play to stay happy and earn XP. It’s a little different than getting an actual pet, but there may be less to clean up after. 

Some hardware skills are required for assembly including soldering, real-time clocks, LCD displays, and microcomputers. The CircuitMess AI bundle is intended for kids aged 11 and older. 

A fun introduction to STEM and AI for your kids

Your child may have heard about AI on the news or online already. Here is a chance to teach them in an age-appropriate setting that may also foster long-lasting STEM skills. Get the CircuitMess AI Bundle with a Handheld Virtual Pet and Voice Assistant(Opens in a new tab) for $209.99 (reg. $239). 

Prices subject to change.

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