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TL;DR: A lifetime subscription to a Deepstash Pro Plan(Opens in a new tab) is on sale for £124.60, saving you 95% on list price.

Between work, taking care of yourself, and your other responsibilities, you may not have much room for personal and professional growth on your own time. You might have a stack of books to read, but finding the time and the energy isn’t always easy. Deepstash is a platform that could help you organise and access good ideas from books, articles, podcasts, and more. A Deepstash lifetime Pro Plan(Opens in a new tab) is on sale for £124.60, down 95% from list price.

If you want to find time for personal development, you may need it in bite-sized portions. Deepstash is a network of over 200,000 ideas sourced from all over the internet and summarised for you.

Don’t have time to read a whole book? Get the main idea boiled down for you. You may even find ideas pulled from books you were already planning on reading. There’s 16 ideas just from The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, and that’s just the start. There are collections of ideas for productivity, finances, health, running a startup, culture, marketing, and more. Browse your interests and see what you can learn. Deepstash will even start recommending curated ideas for you. 

If you find something inspiring or motivating or edifying, save it in your own personal collection. Organise your ideas and access them in your browser or on the mobile app for iOS or Android devices. Your collections are even available when you’re offline. 

You may not have time to read a whole book or listen through a lengthy podcast, but you might not have to. Deepstash gives you the ideas without the wait. For a limited time, get a Deepstash Lifetime Pro Plan(Opens in a new tab) on sale for £124.60. 

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