Best air fryer deals as of Feb. 10: Shop Ninja, Instant Pot, and more

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UPDATE: Feb. 10, 2023, 12:40 p.m. EST This story has been updated to reflect the latest air fryer deals at Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, and Target. Check out our top picks below:

Get a great deal on an air fryer to make your life just that much easier.

The internet has been talking your ear off about air fryers for years, and maybe you’ve finally decided to perform your own hype test — but not at full price, of course.

Whether you settle on a basic basket design, one that doubles as a toaster oven, or one that can replace a handful of countertop appliances depends on a few things: counter space, how many people you’re cooking for, and how much you’ll realistically use functions outside of air frying. We’ve separated these air fryers and multicookers by category below.

Basket-style air fryer deals

Why we like it

At the end of the day, air fryers are supposed to be easy to use, and the Cosori Pro LE is one of the easiest out there. The nine touch functions really let you set and forget your food (until it’s ready, of course), while the basket can hold portions for up to four people. After you’re done cooking, you can pop the basket in the air fryer. and when it’s not in use, the minimalist design and tempered glass won’t be an eyesore on your kitchen counter.

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Oven-style air fryer deals

Why we like it

The biggest drawback of oven-style air fryers is the kitchen real estate they take up. The Ninja Foodi oven air fryer provides a solution with easy flip-up storage, all while having the capacity to bake a 13-inch pizza, toast a couple of bagels, and air fry whatever foods your heart desires.

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Multicooker and grill combo deals

Why we like it

Apartment dwellers and people who crave a homemade charbroiled burger in the dead of winter: it’s time to let yourself buy that indoor grill. Since this is a Ninja Foodi, you’re getting to get more cooking options than you might with your standard George Foreman grill, including air frying, roasting, baking, broiling, and dehydrating.

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