Attention: MSCHF Big Red Boots for your dog actually (kinda) exist

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The Big Red Boots. You’ve seen them. They’ve confounded you. You’ve learned to love them.

and now your dog will, too.

That’s right, the big red clonkers from MSCHF that have taken the internet by storm have a super close look-alike for fashion fans of the furry variety, and you can snag them for the low price of $49(Opens in a new tab).

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Everything you need to go hiking with your dog

Dog wearing WagWellies boots.

These, but red.
Credit: Wagwear

While we can’t personally speak to the utility of the actual Big Red Boots™ (although some have said they’re kind of great?), we can definitely tell you that dog boots in general are extremely useful to have when it comes to protecting your lil’ guy or gal’s sensitive paws. These WagWellies are sturdy, secure, and water-resistant — it’s just a bonus that they’re super chic as well. (For now at least.)

We can already envision the coordinated ‘fit checks. Just imagine a boot-ed up pup posing next to this dripped-out legend:

Tweet may have been deleted
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This could be you. Think about that. Just you and your best bud new boot goofin’(Opens in a new tab) together.

Wagwear’s site also claims that their boots slide on really easily, so here’s hoping they’re not as hard to take off.

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