Alicia Silverstone reprises her role as Cher Horowitz — for a Super Bowl ad

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Picture this: Cher Horowitz (Alicia Silverstone) steps up to a debate podium in a high school classroom. She launches into a spirited debate against her classmate Amber (Elisa Donovan), all while rocking a glorious yellow plaid outfit.

No, I’m not describing Clueless, or even a Clueless sequel. I’m describing a Super Bowl commercial.

Silverstone reprised her iconic ’90s role in an ad for shopping app Rakuten. The ad pays tribute to the debate scene, Cher’s rotating closet, and her penchant for shopping. There’s also a brief nod to her less-than-stellar driving skills.

Oh, and did you think any homage to Clueless would be missing one of the film’s most memorable lines? “Ugh, as if!”

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